Mr. Daniels

DNAHello Virtual Science Students!

I am Mr. Daniels and I've been teaching with Lee Virtual School for six years. Since joining the LVS team I've taught and continue to teach our Biology, Physical Science, and 8th Grade Science courses. I joined the LVS team after graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with minors in Life and Political science as well as Philosophy. I greatly enjoy talking about science and helping our students understand everything from the basics to levels of detail that we must explore and learn about together.

It is my goal to help my students become science literate and realize their own inner scientist. The inner scientist which has been with them since their first science experiment as a newborn exploring their world with their senses of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. The inner scientist that has helped them explore their world and makes them wonder what they can do, what they might do, and how the world around them works. More important than any set of formulas, vocabulary, or memorized data set is learning how to learn, learning how to explore what they observe, and learning how to find the truth through experimentation and analysis. 

Contact Information

I am available to you (the student) and your parents from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00AM and 8:00PM when school is in session. I am not available on school holidays or weekends. Contacts will be returned within 24 school hours.

Please remember to leave a message with your name and how I can help you when you call. The more specific you are, the more easily I can assist you. 

Phone: 239-357-5423

Biology Announcements

EOC Reviews:
Modules 1 and 4 - 2:00 on 4/11
Modules 2 and 6 - 2:00 on 4/18
Modules 3 and 5 - 2:00 on 4/25

Schedule your module seven DBA NOW.

Comprehensive Science 3 Announcements

Live Lessons are Thursday at 12:00; Details on pace chart.

Any DBA submitted without the required paragraph summary will not be graded.

Advanced/Honors lessons only need to be completed by Honors students.

The segment two collaboration project can be completed by filling out a live lesson journal. Watch the live lessons and complete the associated assignments to complete this journal.

An exemption for the segment two collaboration project can be earned by anyone who chooses to finish their course with an 85% or higher average by 5/3/19.

Physical Science Announcements

Credit for lesson 6.02 can be earned by completing all other module six assignments and the DBA for module six before 5/3/19.

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