Algebra 1

Algebra I Expectation's

  • Always put in 100% effort
  • Be sure to be practicing EVERY week
  • Reach out if any help is needed!!
  • Take notes and stay on pace!

Welcome to Mrs. Jackson's Algebra I Class!

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The purpose of Algebra is to make it easy to state a mathematical relationship and its equation by using letters of the alphabet and other symbols to represent a mathematical statement.
Almost everyone asks "when am I ever going to use this?"??  Well not only does Algebra help you to practice some basic mathematical skills it also helps to develop your critical thinking skills.   There are many professions that you need to know Algebra for: air traffic controllers, architects, computer engineers and analysts, economists, dietitians and nutritionists are just a few.  Although there may be many careers and professions that don't necessarily require Algebra it is important to remember that the more technology advances, reliance on data will continue to increase and it will be harder to live without Algebra.

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Wednesday, January 15 2-3pm (5.02 - 5.04)
Wednesday, January 22 1-2pm (5.05 - 5.07)
Wednesday, February 5th 1-2pm (6.01 - 6.02)
Wednesday, February 12th 1-2pm (6.03 - 6.04)
Wednesday, February 19th 1-2pm (6.05, Review & DBA Drive Thru)
Wednesday, February 26th 1-2pm (7.01 - 7.03)

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