Comp Sci 1

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Dr. "Do You Have Your Guided Notes" Lefkowitz

This introduction to science focuses on energy, force, weather, climate, Earth’s systems, and living organisms. Explore topics in-depth and build a foundation for concepts covered in Comprehensive Science II and III.

Pre-Requisites: Recommended for 6th grade
Credits: 1
Semesters: 2

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Pace Chart
Comp Sci 1 Seg 1 Pace Chart
Comp Sci 1 Seg 2 Pace Chart

If you wanna be somebody
If you wanna go somewhere
You better wake up and pay attention
So you think you've got the answers
To all that lies ahead
Well, in my mind I thought the same one time
And I hear you spouting much talk
'Bout how you ain't being lead
Ain't no one telling you what to do
But attitude will catch up with you
And keep you from your destiny
If you wanna be somebody
If you wanna go somewhere
You better wake up and pay attention
When the time is now or never
To make your dreams come true
You gotta wake up and pay attention
I ain't buyin' no more lyin'
'Cause truth don't cost a thing
Denyin' what's inside's too much to pay
It's 'bout sweatin' without stressin'
There ain't no other way
You know you can't get much without much givin'
Oh, expect from yourself and you'll respect yourself
You control your destiny

Checklist For Success:

  • Read Complete Lesson (Links, Videos and Supplemental Material)
  • Take Notes(Guided Notes Preferred)
  • Attend Live Lessons
  • Take Notes On Live Lessons
  • Call with a content specific question

  • To schedule an online specific help session email Dr. L your guided notes and live lesson notes.

  • If we have tried all of the above and still need assistance we can do a face to face session.  Please schedule appointment by calling Dr. L if you are a full time student.

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