Flexibility in Your Schedule

When you take a Virtual School course outside the regular school day or during the summer, you will have extra room in your schedule to:

  • Take elective courses each year
  • Advance to higher levels of courses, including AP courses, Dual Enrollment Credit courses
  • Enjoy and focus on your elective courses, job, and community service, during the day and focus on your academic courses in the evening and/or on the weekends

One-on-One Learning

Earning all of your credits, staying eligible for Bright Futures, passing FCAT, EOC, SAT, and ACT, as well as graduating on time is important. When you take a Virtual School course will receive:

  • Personal attention from your teacher
  • One-on-one tutoring whenever you need help
  • Individualized test prep and tutoring
  • Learning strategies and techniques to help you be successful

Learning Anywhere, Anytime

When you take a Virtual School course, you can:

  • Plan your learning around your activities, work schedule, or other responsibilities
  • Develop your own learning schedule, have your teacher develop one, or work together to develop a schedule that meet your needs
  • Take your course at home, school, while you’re are traveling or anywhere you choose to do so

Extra Benefits

When you choose Virtual School, you have the opportunity to:

  • Earn credits inside and outside the regular school day.
  • Graduate early
  • Earn extra credits
  • Meet graduation requirements, take extracurricular courses, explore other electives, and/or work
  • Learn innovative technology, time management, and personal learning style
  • Prepare for 21st century learning and College