Here are instructions to practice for the end of the year writing, math, and reading tests.
This site will help your child experience similar questions and question types that will appear on their FSA test or end of course exam.
Click on  - On the right side of the page- you can click on practice tests, or you can click on the top left corner box- students and families
If you click on take the computer based practice tests, it will lead you to a practice test on the computer
If you click on paper based practice tests- it will lead you to a PDF of each test
Once you click on practice test- there is no need to sign in
               There is no need to complete First Name and/or User name
Click on “sign in box”
Next screen- pick grade level
               Click yes for  “is this correct/you”
Next screen- pick a test- Reading, Math, EOC
Next screen- settings- don’t choose any settings
               Click select
Next screen- start my test
               Click on the box- start my test