Below are instructions to create your personal College Board account. This will allow you to register for SAT, and allow you to directly receive your PSAT and SAT results from the College Board. The instructions will also allow you to link your College Board account with Khan Academy. You can send your PSAT and/or SAT results to Khan Academy and they will automatically create and send you a personal plan to increase your SAT score. If you have not already taken these tests,  Khan Academy has their own practice tests. Once you take this practice test, they will send you your personalized plan.
IPSD 204: Linking College Board & Khan Academy Accounts
Creating your College Board account-
Use  school email
I am a student
General Info
Same username and password as school log in
Hopefully, same e-mail address as Pre-PSAT registration (if you remember)
At end- check boxes to verify everything is correct
Click here to link your account